Nicklas Skovgaard is a considered, luxury womenswear brand, with a strong elocution intending to delight through unexpected parallels.Founded in 2020, the brand aims to explore the relationship textiles can hold in expressing narrative through the marriage of unexpected material and classical form.
Creating his own textiles that cultivate an exceptional surface, Nicklas Skovgaard taught himself weaving after discovering a small loom and crafting swatches of his own fabric. Expanding on to a bigger surface allowed Nicklas to create larger pieces moulded into jackets, hats and capelets.

With his handmade textiles mapped against contradictory fabrications and cut into unexpected silhouettes, there is a strange visual appeal to the combinations that range from wool weave and silk taffeta astride stretch jersey, or water repellant fabric merging with XXXX.Resulting silhouettes are captivating in their unexpected manipulations and combinations, hoping to profess a dreamlike state clothes can affect.

With referential points ranging from Baroque aristocratic portraits to Madonna’s music videos, the storytelling of Nicklas Skovgaard interlinks varied inspirations and influences from a spectrum of sources and personal memories and perspectives, lending each collection a fundamental bedrock of nostalgia.

Constructing one collection a year, each body of work for Nicklas Skovgaard builds upon the last, acting with an evolutionary purpose and building an ever-evolving vocabulary.Orchestrating theses classical and strange symphonies within his eponymous textiles and recognisable design, Nicklas Skovgaard is a brand cultivated on the edge of romanticism and realism.